mbot-educational-robotAt Bright Horizons we have decided to put the emphasis on STEM ( Science – Technology – Engineering – Mathematics ), and to offer it to those parents and children who would like to take part.

STEM education is now a central part of the advanced curriculum, not only to prepare students who have a technical or scientific interest , but because many of the concepts in this field are becoming indispensable in many other professions, such as social sciences , journalism and others such as collection, processing and communication Data.

We believe that the best didactic tool to introduce pupils to STEM in primary education is through robotics. It allows tactile and logical thinking it lets them explore the concept of robotics and automation and the use of the main tools.

Children will learn how to program ( coding ), all through the games !

Fortunately, today ‘s robotics for our youngest learners has become very accessible , and one of the best platforms is certainly through using Mbots.

Our school will also participate in the Croatian Makers League.

The workshops will be led by some of the most experienced educators in Croatia . No prior knowledge is necessary, except computer literacy and good will!

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