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Croatian language

Despite being an International School, we teach the Croatian language according to the Croatian curriculum here at Bright Horizons.  We ensure that students are properly prepared to continue their education at Croatian High Schools (if they choose to).

Our lessons cover the same curriculum as that followed in Croatian Primary Schools. This includes the following:

  • language/grammar (jezik)
  • linguistic expression (jezično izražavanje)
  • literature (književnost)
  • media (medijska kultura)
  • initial reading and writing for Year 1 (početno čitanje i pisanje za 1. razred)


We believe that it is important for our students to have a proper understanding of the Croatian language. We try to accomplish this by making lessons as interesting and engaging as possible for students. This is done in a number of ways:

  • instead of talking about how to write a postcard, we will go to the post office and send one
  • during Spring, we will go outside and take a little walk to see, hear, touch and smell that “Spring” poem we are about to write
  • we won’t simply talk about that famous play – we will go to the theatre and watch it
  • we will also create and perform our own plays, because what’s the use of learning a language if we can’t use it creatively?
  • we will read and write stories, act them out, we will draw, sing and play, twist our tongues with the most serious grammar tasks and we will have lots of fun expressing ourselves through one of the things that comes naturally to all of us – language
  • non-native speakers participate in Croatian lessons, but are also provided with additional support to help them learn Croatian