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The curriculum at Bright Horizons is broad, balanced, engaging and challenging. Whilst being forward thinking, we also value the traditional skills of reading, writing and numeracy. We strive to ensure that all children are continually working to the best of their ability and enjoy the challenge in doing so. This is achieved through the ‘Growth Mindset’ approach that we adopt throughout the school.

Our curriculum is based on the UK National Curriculum ( and the International Primary Curriculum ( These curriculums are delivered in a dynamic way by our talented teachers to ensure that children develop a love of learning. The children are also taught music, computing (where they learn how to use micro:bits), art, Croatian, Spanish, German and physical education.

We take the abilities of all children into account so that we can help them realise their talents and work on areas they find difficult. Through a range of assessment practices, we gather comprehensive information that enables us to evaluate the progress and achievement of all children and to plan the next steps for their future growth and development.

In summary, at Bright Horizons, we teach children to think for themselves and to be problem solvers. We do not believe in ‘spoon feeding’ children. Our belief is that by providing a supportive environment which challenges children, they will arrive at their own solutions to problems.