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Literacy is an essential part of all children’s education. It is important to not only teach the key skills, but to foster a love for the subject.

At Bright Horizons, our English lessons are broken down into key subject areas. These are designed to develop crucial skills in: reading, understanding, writing, speaking and listening. Proficiency in these key areas allows children to communicate with confidence and to express themselves articulately either orally or in writing.

Subject Areas

English is taught through the following subject areas:

  • daily reading
  • guided reading
  • phonics
  • spelling
  • speaking and listening
  • grammar
  • comprehension
  • creative writing


Our aim is to promote high standards of language and literacy so that all children are able to:

  • read fluently, with expression and understanding
  • read widely and often, both for pleasure and for information
  • build their vocabulary and understand both grammatical and linguistic conventions for reading, writing and spoken language
  • write clearly, imaginatively and coherently for a range of contexts and audiences
  • competently and confidently express their understanding and ideas


Throughout the year children are involved in activities such as World Book Day, Poetry Day, a spelling bee, competitions and educational visits.