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From Years 1 to 6, topics such as history, science and geography are taught through the International Primary Programme (IPC). The IPC is being adopted by an increasing number of schools, both locally and internationally. It is a curriculum that follows an interdisciplinary approach to learning. Furthermore, it offers a clear process of learning with specific learning goals and outcomes.


The IPC is based on the following three guiding questions:

  • What kind of world will our children live and work in?
  • What kinds of children are likely to succeed in the world?
  • What kinds of learning will our children need and how should they learn it?

Our aim is to:

  • get children to think globally
  • value what they know and add to this knowledge
  • enable children to learn through a variety of tasks and experiences
  • help children to become more aware of their learning journey
  • allow children to reflect on what they have learnt